The Quacken

May 24 – 5 days old
Heading home in the car!

This is a little story how we ended up being the proud parents of 9 ducks. I can’t say it was unplanned, we had talked about it, we just weren’t ready yet. Until I was at work minding my own business and happened upon 6 gorgeous eggs at a school library. I mentioned that we had discussed ducks, and just like that we adopted all 6 of them. Okay, maybe not just like that, but it sure has been fast.

The 6 key players are known as the Coleman Quackers. They are American Pekin ducks. All six of them, and six eggs that didn’t make it, were donated to the school by a local family to raise and hatch. The problem was that after they had hatched, they could no longer live in the library. The farm was willing to take them back, but the goal was to find a home with school families. Ducks are family pack animals, so it was an all or nothing thing. They all needed to stay together, and I was up to the challenge! The hubs caught up. 🙂 The Quacken are his pets. He designed and built by hand an enormous Castle and has now added a front yard.

Good Night Ducks.

The day we picked them up, we felt like rockstars as we left the school. Teacher and kid alike commented on the ducks and wished them well. They came home to the garage where they would live until they were big enough to be outside. And until the duck house was built.

Day 6
Our new home!
This was short lived because they grow so fast.

The Coleman Quackers moved in Memorial day weekend at the ripe old age of 5-ish days old. A week or so after they came to live with us we took a trip to the local farm store, and our hearts melted seeing a poor little Black Swedish girl duck that had no brothers and sisters and looked to be in poor care. She had other ducks, but they were all Khaki Campbell’s, and she was trying to stay close to another trying to cuddle up. So of course she and two of the Khaki’s came home with us. Because if you are feeding 6, what difference does 3 more make? The 9 of them are now affectionately referred to as The Quacken.

One week old – a treat of mashed peas

Most of the story of the Quacken will be visual. We have tried to take pictures of them growing to share with the school kids that worked so hard to hatch them.

May 31
Everyone’s first time outside!

Today’s trip outside was just to get our feet in the grass. The outdoor pen still is not complete. The humans are making sure that nothing can get in to the ducks.

We are so little with our future home in the works behind us.
June 6
Just starting to get my long tail feathers.
June 6
Meeting the bunnies.
June 8 –3 weeks old
moving outside to the Castle
June 8
Exploring the new place, found the water, jumped in even though we aren’t ready yet. Our waterproof feathers still haven’t come in.
June 8
Checking out the new place and stretching our wings.
The duck house inside the fortified Castle to keep everyone safe.
June 14
Hey guys we are swimming!!

First time in a real pool. Still not completely waterproof but we had a blast! The water isn’t too deep and there were a few bricks to give us places to stand up out of the water if we needed.

June 14
These little wings are so cute.
June 14
Hurry up and get in! The water is fine.
June 18
We are protective of the little ones.
June 21
The humans got a new duck call. We are not amused.
June 22
Playing hide and seek
June 23
These are blood or pin feathers coming out on our wings. Soon they will be the long feathers to help us fly. If we could fly, our bodies are not designed to actually fly away.
June 25
Out waddling around and checking out the giant sunflowers.
July 1
We got bracelets to help in telling us apart. Even the one that looks totally different got a bracelet so she didn’t get left out.
Some of us get the bracelets off more than others.
July 8
We found a mud puddle!
Often times when the humans or other animals come near they will corral around Tina. She seems to be the baby sister to everyone else. Tina also likes to force her way into the bottom of the pile and everyone else steps on her when she does that. That is how we humans know, she IS the loudest of them all.
July 8
Dirty Ducks
Cleaning up…
July 13 8 weeks old
The pool is getting a little too small
July 13
We got a new front yard to play in while the humans are outside working.
July 17
Our upgraded living quarters – WITH additional pools.
Except, we still like to stay all together in one.
Look at the size of those beautiful wings!
July 24
It’s been a tiring few days of play. We are going to bed early. Good night ducks.
July 25
August 15
Misty and Molly, the Khaki Campbell sisters have developed beautiful colors and markings on their feathers.
August 31
We got to free roam in the yard today. It was a little scary having all this room.
August 31
Found the water…we feel better now!
September 17
This is Freya. However Freya has developed a curled tail feather- a sign of being a Male! Oops the humans got this one wrong. Using the beak color to determine the gender seemed to not work in this case ….Freya is now known as Frodo.
September 28
We have an egg!!!!! This evening while putting the ducks to bed we found this messy egg near their water.
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